by Echo Ravine

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Recorded at Empty Sea Studios with Jordan Cunningham in April/May 2014

Being released on cassette by Noise Poetry Records.


released June 15, 2014

Sean Foe: Guitars, Drones, Vocals
Emily Koo: Vocals, Percussion

Bowed bass on "Spleen" & "Empty Room" by Jordan Cunningham



all rights reserved


Echo Ravine Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: All of My Demons
you loved me more in my head
i'm hanging on to this fictitious thread
hollowed out my being
meanwhile freeing
all of my demons

dissembled all of your plans
at the cost of my hands
your intentions were misleading
now I'm releasing
all of my demons

bellied my desire
i admire
your pseudo vulnerability
setting free
all of my demons
Track Name: Inward Bellow
sadness, the needle in your arm
the beaten path
the narrow harm

wallow in squalor
hitched by vice
inward bellow
quiet demise

aqueous spine
shying affair
shadow of mine
devoured by fear

trust, sinking quick
shoveled into your pit
living beneath bricks

i'm not needing
plant my seeds and...
keep dark and dampened
suffocate in anguish
Track Name: Talons
who, who are you?

took hold and ate me up
when I was low and had enough
tamed my fire, ashes, and dust
now I'm vacant and scared to trust

who, who are you?
Track Name: Empty Room
feeling spent in this empty room
without the hanging memories
you can see the blemishes bloom

we're nothing without our desires
completely naked and carved out
left for no one to admire

the whimpering dog scratching at the door
you pretend not to hear her
the blood trails on the floor

you're rustling through the things you have packed
finding nothing you have gained
only traits you have lacked

you wrap yourself in robes
in your empty room
hoping nobody knows

you'll lay there 'til your passing
in your empty room
where no one will know